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About Oriel

Oriel is a completely new kind of wine company—on a mission to help you enjoy handmade wines from around the globe!

Unbeatable Value
By cutting out the middlemen and never owning vineyards, Oriel can offer a $25 wine for $15, or a $45 wine for $25. This is because wine prices are actually driven by overheads and marketing more than by the costs of grapes and winemaking.
Critical Acclaim
Oriel wines are served in hundreds of America's top restaurants and retailers and have earned acclaim from all the top critics and press. Oriel's rapidly growing fan base extends from Usher and Teri Hatcher all the way through to the White House...!
The World's Greatest Winemakers
Oriel wines are made by some of the world's most celebrated winemakers who have made some of the greatest wines on earth—from Petrus to Penfold's Grange—they are truly excited about helping you to discover great handmade wines from around the globe.
An Unmatched Guarantee of Quality
Unlike traditional wineries, Oriel has no obligation to make wines in poor vintages so we don't—simple! This means we only make wines in good vintages and have absolute confidence in every bottle—guaranteed. No other winery on earth can say that.
Unique Wines of Character
Oriel wines are handmade in miniscule quantities, because making great wine is like making great food—to make a little with the very best ingredients is possible, to make a lot is not. Oriel wines are made especially for us, just a few barrels at a time, and express the distinct characters of the vineyards they come from—open a bottle and take a trip...

Explore. Dream. Discover.
—Mark Twain

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