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Danielle Enscore

Operations Coordinator

Danielle is Operations Coordinator for the Oriel corporate office in New York. A graduate of Smith College, Danielle has long been interested in the worlds of art, travel, and fine wine. It was her father who first introduced her to wine, and although she didn't develop his sometimes irrational bias toward reds, she did inherit his discerning appreciation of quality and the artisanal.

Danielle first started her career with Oriel as a summer intern in 2006, where she gained a knowledge and understanding of the wine market and the intricacies of operating a global brand. However, it was the summer before, while working as a server at The Grape in Atlanta that Danielle was first introduced to Oriel and became intrigued by the company's unique story and portfolio.

Danielle's studies abroad in Ireland ignited a desire for international journeys. Upon graduation, she packed a bag and jumped the trains of Western Europe, and now Danielle views her adopted home of New York City as a different kind of exploration with the abundance of restaurants, museums, parks, and galleries.

Danielle holds a BA in Sociology and Government from Smith College.

Danielle's e-mail: danielle(at)
Danielle's favorite Oriel wine: Hugo

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