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Oriel Collection
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Oriel Collection detail
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Bottle Photos

NV 365
2001 Alma de Llicorella
2000 Altezza
2001 Altezza
2004 Barona
2003 Courant
2003 Credo
2006 Dylan
2001 Etereo
2001 Falerne
2004 Femme Fatale
2004 Hugo
2005 Hugo
2005 Iconic
2004 Jasper
2005 Jasper
2006 Jasper
2003 Jocunda

  2004 Il Gattopardo
2003 Les Pavés
2002 L'Exception
2003 Midnight Rambler
2006 Midnight Rambler
2002 Ondine
2004 Ortolan
2004 Palatina
2003 Palio
2004 Portia
2003 Setena Red
2003 Setena White
2003 Soluna
2003 Sygnet
2002 Taralula
2004 Trifola
2000 VQM

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