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Food Pairing: Etereo

Barolo, Nebbiolo

Expert Tips

Chef Bruce Hill of Bix, a stylish supperclub or sophisticated speakeasy in San Francisco, says, "Etereo is a brilliant match to Bix's Boneless Grilled Quail with a Warm Treviso and Beet Salad (pictured)."


Don Pintabona's Foie-Gras-Stuffed Figs with White Truffle Honey
Veal and Pork Patés
Mushroom and Truffle Salad

Main Course

Hudson Valley Duck Breast with Sweet Potato Stew
(Cru, New York)
Filet Mignon
Rich Stews


Blue Cheese
Parmesan or Reggiano
Goat Cheeses

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