Food Pairing: Ondine

Sauternes, Semillon blend

Expert Tips

Hamilton Narby, local negotiant says, "The French drink Sauternes with foie gras. It can be served in a multitude of different manners, my favourite is seared in a pan with a slice of apple, pear or peach which enhances the acidity, offset by the unctuous envelopment of the Sauternes with the gras itself.

Another and more recent development is the startling marriage of blue cheese (French Roquefort, but other blue cheeses are fine too). People don't like to serve blue cheeses with red wine since the aggressivity of the blue is considered too overpowering for the feeble reds. Again, the unctuousness of the Sauternes envelops the blue and has you wanting for more. Little tidbits of aperitif blue with a glass of chilled Sauternes in front of a fireplace after skiing in -10°C has blown many a mind!"


Foie Gras


Maytag Blue
Fourme d'Ambert, a Blue-Veined French Cheese


Dried Apricot and Peach Tart Served with Butter Pecan Ice Cream and Chantilly Cream (Amangani Grill, Jackson Hole)
Honey Roasted Pear with Homemade Vanilla Ice cream and Walnut Tuiles (Le Madeleine, New York)
Milk Chocolate Semifreddo with Chocolate Pound Cake and Caramel Chantilly (Country, New York)
Warm Tahitian Vanilla Cake with 12 Bean Vanilla Ice Cream (Josephs Citarella, New York)
Caramel Nut Tart
Peach Cobbler
Fruit Tart

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