Food Pairing: Setena Red

Terra Alta, Garnacha blend

Expert Tips

Winemaker Xavier Clua keeps abreast of what is going on in Terra Alta... and not only as far as wine is concerned. "Crestó is a dish that was lost after the disappearance of the Iberian goat raised in the mountains of the Terra Alta region. The dish of marinated goat meat—boiled and served cold—has been reintroduced recently in the region and is an excellent complement to Setena Red."


Iberian Dried Meats (Salchichón, Chorizo)
Game Stews (Deer, Hare and Wild Boar)

Main Course

Watermelon-Ribeye Pintxos (Created exclusively for Oriel by Chef Ryan Bartlow of Bar Carrera)*NEW*
Olive Crusted Rack of Mignon with Sautéed Purple Potatoes, Mushrooms, Baby Carrots, and Broccoli
Red Snapper Baked in Salt with Romesco Sauce
Pork Chops, Kidney, Liver, Loins and Bacon, Diced and Fried in Fresh Olive Oil
Filet Steak with Fresh Foie Gras


Roasted Vidalia Onions with Cabrales
Blue Cheese
Cured Cheeses
Young Manchego

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