An ancient variety historically rooted in Italy where it remains the second most widely planted red variety after Sangiovese, Barbera has spread in popularity and now makes its way into a good portion of blends from the central valley of California. It has been said that the Barbera grape mimics the character of the Piedmontese farmers who grow it: unassuming yet robust. Rigorous and hardy, the vines are capable of thriving in diverse climates and soil types and the fruit is strong and rustic, yet with an undeniable full, robust character (continued below).

The temperament of the grape is perfectly balanced with a notable strength of flavor, but one that does not overwhelm the senses or obstruct the finer nuances in taste. The stout grape is renowned for its full flavor but relatively mild bouquet and also for its wine's easily recognizable deep garnet color. Expect a wine that is high in acidity and low in tannins including flavors of cherries, plums, red currants and raspberries

Made with this varietal: Trifola