One of the world's most flexible and classic white wines, Riesling is planted in all the major wine continents from Europe to Australia to North America. However, its true home is Germany where it has been grown since the 1400s. The best Rieslings come from Mosel-Saar-Ruwer and Alsace, where the vines are planted in hillside sites with cool, sunny weather.

Riesling can take a variety of forms from a crisp, dry, and "steely" to a botrytisyzed, sweet, late-harvest version such as the famous Trockenberenauslese. Riesling faithfully reflects its terroir and ages particularly well developing intense and complex flavors. Signature notes include rose petal, apple, violet, pear, and peach but the wines can also feature flint and mineral tones.

Made with this varietal: Palatina