The Zinfandel grape's ancestry stems from Croatia, and it is identical to the Italian Primitivo grape. Today, however, Zinfandel vines are planted solely in California, making it a truly "all-American" wine. The varying climates and soils of California offer this grape great versatility: it is used to make anything from white wine to sweet port-style wine. Zinfandel's adaptability is so highly esteemed by vintners that it is the second most widely-planted grape in California behind Cabernet Sauvignon.

Red Zinfandel vineyards are some of the oldest vineyards in California—some over 40 years—so many wine growers apply the term "old vines" to their label. These old vines typically result in a medium to full-bodied wine with ripe, jammy fruits such as blackberries, cherries and raspberries, and strong pepper overtones.

Zinfandel is making a fashionable comeback. Recent low yields and warm harvests have made these grapes lusciously ripe and extremely approachable. The wines are perfect for immediate enjoyment.

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