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Antonio Deltetto



Italian Wines

365, Valdobbiadene

Altezza, Montalcino

Etereo, Barolo

Il Gattopardo, Sicilia

Palio, Abruzzo

Taralula, Toscana

Trifola, Alba


Alba, Italy

44º46'N 8º1'E

The Langhe Hills, surrounding the region of Alba, is one of the most celebrated quality wine-growing areas in the world. Located 100 miles from the Mediterranean Sea in southern Italy, it is occupied by family-owned wineries, which adds to the charm of Alba.

2004 Trifola
Bottle: 750ml

The cool breeze and sunny skies are ideal for growing grapes. The dry climate and fertile soil contribute to the impeccable tastes of the wine. The Celtic, who originally occupied the region, began growing wine grapes there 3500 years ago. The town of Alba, the producer of the worldŐs best Barbera grapes, plays an essential role as Barbera grapes are accountable for half of the red wine varietals made in Italy.

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