Ant Mackenzie


Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand

41º5'S 174 ºE

The Marlborough region on the north-eastern coast of New Zealand's south island is undoubtedly the most famed area for producing stunning Sauvignon Blancs. New Zealand also has the distinction of having the southern most vineyards; though latitudinally, the area is similar to central Italy with a climate much like Burgundy, France. The weather in Marlborough is perfect for the thin-skinned Sauvignon Blanc grapes, which profit from the long, mild days and the low annual rainfall.

2006 Mana
Bottle: 750ml

Marlborough was first planted with Sauvignon Blanc vines in the early 1970s and, within twenty years, the grape became the premiere wine of the region, making up a quarter of all New Zealand wines. The vineyards here are sheltered from the winds and are planted in now-dry river beds, offering the vines a fast-draining and healthy soil. The rate of popularity growth for these wines is unmatched as they have swept the international market creating a niche as the pinnacle of the varietal.

The long, mild growing season allows the Sauvignon Blanc grapes to reach their potential for full and crisp fruit flavors. Marked by a zesty and provocative taste, the wines maintain a feel of freshness. The powerful and acute whole fruit flavors are accompanied flawlessly by fresh herbs, passion or citrus fruits, gooseberries, and red peppers.