Abruzzo, Italy



Stefano Chioccioli

Born in Tuscany, Stefano Chioccioli embraced the academics of winemaking. Stefano graduated cum laude with an agricultural science degree from the University of Florence in 1984, and that same year he became a certified enologist. The following year he attained certification as an agronomist. At the time of this achievement, it was very rare in Tuscany to find someone with both certifications.

2006 Palio
Bottle: 750ml

From 1985 to 1992, he worked for the Chianti Ruffino estate, developing the winery's viticultural and enological activities. From 1992 to the present day, he has been a freelance consulting agronomist/enologist.

Chioccioli is a member of several influential Tuscan DOCG tasting committees and continues to attempt to perfect the art of winemaking. Early in his career he created his own philosophy on viticulture and oenology, with one single crucial component, ripeness of the grape. Truly ripe grapes, he believes, makes the wine itself, and no sleight of hand can manipulative this.