Bordeaux, France


Femme Fatale

Esme Johnstone

Esme Johnstone was blessed with an early education in wine. His father had a superb and varied cellar and used to play 'guess the vintage' with his small son to educate his palate. Esme could recite the premier cru châteaux almost before he could recite his multiplication tables. It isn't surprising that though he started his commercial life in London he soon gravitated to wine, first selling it, then ultimately fulfilling his dream of making it.

2005 Femme Fatale
Bottle: 750ml

As a founding partner of Majestic Wine Warehouses, Esme helped to revolutionize wine buying in the UK. In 1990, he sold his interest in the company, set out for Bordeaux and bought Château de Sours. The vineyard had the potential to make superb wines, but had been neglected. Esme renovated the winery, improved viticultural practices, and focused his efforts on making world class rosé. The very first vintage of his intensely deep pink rosé was called 'the best rosé in the world.'

Esme is now based in England where he is an consultant to Noble Rot Ltd, a fine wine trading company, as well as to other wine and beverage related businesses. He is also a founding director of Pomegranate Wines Ltd in Australia.