Montalcino, Italy
Toscana, Italy



Giuseppe Maria Sesti

Giuseppe Maria Sesti (Giugi) is a true Renaissance man. He grew up in Venice where he studied art at the Accademia. Fascinated by astronomy, he also studied Lunisolar Calendar Systems and the way these have been used from primordial time to the present day. He published four books on this subject before moving to further research on ancient culture and mythology of the constellations. In 1975 he moved his family to Montalcino to find a quiet place to write and explore another of his passions, opera. Giugi also bought the deserted hamlet of Castello di Argiano on a hilltop south of Montalcino and set about restoring it to its former glory.

2001 Altezza
Bottle: 750ml
2004 Taralula
Bottle: 750ml

He quickly realized that his accumulated knowledge of ancient astronomy and classical culture had practical relevance to agriculture and winemaking. One of his ideas was to re-evaluate the moon's influence on wine and vines. Consequently, he developed a philosophy that marries vineyard interventions with phases of the moon. Likewise, many of his winemaking processes follow the cycles of the moon. This may sound pretty unorthodox, but the results speak for themselves.