Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy



Giorgio Venica

As a boy, Giorgio Venica spent time in the vineyard with his grandfather, Daniele, and his father Adelchi. From them, he learned to love nature and embrace the difficult role of winemaker.

2004 Portia
Bottle: 750ml

Before accepting such an important role in the family estate, he travelled the world to study the trade. He began his studies in Cividade del Friuli, Italy, where he earned degrees in viticulture and oenology. From there, he moved on to Bordeaux and Borgogne in France, and then set off to Spain, Portugal and California to expand his knowledge of winemaking techniques. Upon completion of his extensive travels, he evaluated his experiences and decided to work exclusively for Venica & Venica. He has learned, and always says, "In order to make a great wine with a strong personality, you need to be fully committed to that wine. You must know the area, vineyards and microclimate very well. It is indispensable to keep researching and experimenting as tastes evolve and consumers grow ever more demanding."

Being a "vignaiolo"—a wine man—is rewarding, but difficult. Depending on the seasons, Giorgio's day is divided differently between indoor and outdoor jobs. However, he always starts with a walk round the cellar to check that everything is proceeding according to plan. He then goes into the vineyard to check that the workers are executing their jobs as per his morning briefing. Giorgio's careful supervision is a true testament to his commitment to the wine and the land.

When he's not hard at work in the cellar, Giorgio loves to race cars, and participate in rallies and track races. He finds this hobby very satisfying, as he nearly always finishes first place in his classification.