Sicilia, Italy


Il Gattopardo

Peter Vinding-Diers

Peter Vinding-Diers is known as a peripatetic, "wandering," winemaker and grapegrower. Having begun his career at the Experimental Research Institute in Stellenbosch, South Africa in the sixties, he set out to explore and conquer the many great wine regions of the world.

2004 Il Gattopardo
Bottle: 750ml

25 years in Bordeaux, he made award-winning wines and developed formidable reputations for each of the many ch‰teaux at which he worked. He also conducted a great deal of independent research into yeasts, which are critical to the development of taste signatures of individual vineyards. His remarkable findings and many successes earned him membership to the acclaimed Academie du Vin.

At the same time, Peter was involved in projects on vine growing in Brazil, Kenya and other exotic places and co-founded two vineyards in Spain and Chile. He also got his hands dirty in Hungary at the Royal Tokay Wine Company, whose sweet white wines are considered the best of the best in the country. His research into the winemaking history and techniques of great Tokays made him one of the pioneers in the renaissance of this classic wine region.

Finally, Peter moved to Italy in 1998 in search of the perfect grape-growing region and settled on a small vineyard facing the Sea at some 300 meters altitude in the eastern part of Sicily. The tropical island, historically renowned for producing outstanding reds, had become infamous in the 20th century for its cheap table wines. But Peter recognized the potential in the land and its juicy Nero d'Avola grapes, and he is currently involved in several projects replanting and cultivating the rich, old vines.